How to Order

How to Order

Simply follow the step to get what you want!

1. Browse and Choose

Browse our newest product(s) by clicking  WHAT’S NEW or select from range of our products by clicking the PRODUCT or ACCESSORIES above.

2. Add to Cart

Once you've found the product that you would like to purchase, select the quantity and click ADD TO CART. Shortly you will be redirected to checkout page, and you can choose to CONTINUE SHOPPING or CHECK OUT if you’ve finished shopping.

3. Voucher Code

Write the code on the blank form and click update button, and your total payment automatically will change.

4. Review Your Cart

Click on the SHOPPING CART icon on the upper-right section of the website to review your items.

5. Check Out

If you decide to finalise your order, click CHECK OUT. 

6. Fill Your Details

You must be registered to shop in this webstore, please use your registered email address so that your order will be automatically recorded in your account. For first-time shoppers, simply fill in your details to register, to get easier of your next order & other benefits.

7. Confirm Order

Click PLACE ORDER to submit your order.

8. Payment Method

We accept 2 payment methods : Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Our Credit Card payment is supported by Midtrans.

9. Confirmation Email

You will then receive an automated confirmation email regarding the detail of your purchase and detail of the payment.

10. Confirm Payment

Once the payment is settled, if you choose "Bank Transfer" payment method, you will need to make CONFIRM PAYMENT by following the link provided in your confirmation email OR go to the website and click CONFIRM PAYMENT and fill all the details.

For “Credit Card” payment method, you don’t need to make any confirmation payment.

NOTE: Your order will only be secured for the next 48 hours after you confirmed your order, as automatic cancellation will take place if no payment confirmation done within those hours.